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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

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Are you accepting new students?

Unfortunately, no, at this time I am not accepting new students. I highly recommend contacting Redding Performing Arts Center ( or Redding Music School ( if you are interested in pursuing private lessons at this time.

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What are your qualifications?

I have studied Vocal Performance at Shasta College in Redding, CA and The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL and hold an Associate's Degree in Music from Shasta College. 

During my time as a student I've had a multitude of opportunities to serve as a student/assistant director, running rehearsals and choosing repertoire. I have accrued thousands of hours of hands-on experience at teaching, most under the direction of credentialed educators or field professionals. 


I am the current Director of the Axiom Children's Theatre where I oversee and develop performing arts curriculum and programs for children and young adults. Prior to that position I was the director of the South Shasta County Children's Chorus, where I have directed as many as 90 students at one time. I had the honor of making my directorial debut with SSCCC's spring production of "James and the Giant Peach, Jr."  I also teach drama and high school choir at Redding School of the Arts. I have served as music director, artistic director, producer, costumer and make-up design for multiple shows with Axiom Repertory, directed and music directed with Cascade Theatre, and have appeared on stage with both companies as well as Timbre Theatre at Redding Performing Arts Center.

In addition to teaching I have written and arranged music, and have an extensive performance background including choral singing, opera, musical theatre, jazz, as well as piano and percussion.

Outside of my professional experience, I am a mother of two little girls and they've told me I'm pretty cool, so there's that. 

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What are your rates?

My rates are $30 per half hour lesson, $50 for one hour.

Where do you hold lessons?

I offer flexible options for in-person instructions with modifications due to state and local health regulations, as well virtual instruction across multiple platforms (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype). 

My physical studio is located in the Redding Performing Arts Center at 3274 Bechelli Lane in Redding.

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What happens during a lesson?

A typical lesson will consist of warm-ups and skill-building exercises, as well as focused repertoire work on whichever songs I have selected for you to work on or what you have brought to me. Songs are chosen based on what I determine will be beneficial to the student, but I do take into account the kind of music you are interested in singing. I pride myself on being able to help you discover your unique voice. I explore music from all genres and believe singers benefit from venturing outside of their comfort zone.


Do I need to have prior experience?

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Not at all! I welcome students of all skill levels. I understand what it's like to feel intimidated or nervous, but remember: Everyone was a beginner at some point. Whether this is your first time taking lessons or you are a seasoned performer, I strive to provide a supportive and welcoming environment, and I will make sure your experience with me is the best it can be. 

Do you offer anything else besides singing lessons?

Yes! In addition to voice, I also teach beginning and intermediate piano lessons as well as audition coaching.

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